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Instructions for Authors

Author Guidelines

Guidelines for Formatting a Manuscript

  • Manuscript must be written in Korean or English.
  • Manuscript must include the following in the order listed:
    1. Title Page: title, author name(s) and affiliation(s), corresponding author with complete address including postal code and email address, any potential funding source(s)
    2. Abstract in English
    3. Text main body: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion
    4. Acknowledgment if applicable
    5. References
    6. Abstract in Korean if the manuscript is written in Korean
    7. Tables and Figures
    8. Appendices or supplemental materials if applicable
  • Title page, tables, figures, and references should be written in English. Citations in the text body should also be written in English.
  • The manuscript is expected to be written in accordance with the KPA Publication guidelines and the latest version of the APA Publication Manual (Manuscript Writing Tips)

Length of the Manuscript

English abstract should not exceed 250 words and Korean abstracts should not exceed 150 words (or 600 characters). It is recommended that the manuscript include only up to six tables and figures. If necessary, appendices or supplemental materials can be added. If written in English, the manuscript should not exceed 5000 words for original articles and 8000 words for review papers. If written in Korean, recommended length of the body and references (not including tables, figures, and abstracts) is 13 pages in HWP for original articles and 15 pages for review papers. For brief reports, tables and figures should not exceed two in total, and the manuscript body including references should not exceed 2000 words or 7 pages in HWP.

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